Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Day the Sun Refused to Shine

"CRUCIFY HIM!!!" You heard them cry,
on the day the sun refused to shine.

Pilate gave in to the crowd's strong pull,
so off You were led, to the place called the Skull.

With criminals, one on either side,
and the crowds below, their jeerings were snide.

You said, "Father, forgive them," while You hung on a cross;
beneath You, the soldiers were casting their lots.

For what Pilate had written, he gave no excuse,
when he fastened above You, "THE KING OF THE JEWS".

But rather than a demonstration of Your power,
darkness came over the earth in that hour.

The veil of the Temple was torn in two,
when You cried, "Father, I commit My spirit to You."

Like the soldier at the foot of the cross, I now stand,
saying, "Surely, this was a righteous man."

And like the thief, "Jesus, remember me!" I cry;
I know that for my sins, I deserve to die.

Even still, You look at me, with love in Your eyes,
and promise me a home with You in Paradise.

For on this day, when the sun refused to shine,
the Son purchased me with His blood,
and said, "This child is now mine."

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Karnes in Dublin said...

Thank you so much for these thoughts on the most important event the world will ever know. Thank you for your faith and hope in JESUS sister!