Sunday, July 14, 2013

Truth & Gospel

This time last year, I was writing a birthday blog post for my blogfather, about New Beginnings.  The year before that, I composed a list which included 56 (or more) links to my favorite posts of Keith's.  Since I’ve written him a post for his birthday for all of the past two years, I like to think of it now as a tradition.  

But as I sit down now to write something this year, words fail me.  I considered not writing anything this year.  That would certainly be easier.  But you may know how we Church-of-Christ’ers feel about messing with tradition:  it’s generally frowned upon.  So this is my attempt, however inadequate it may be, to once again write something here that honors him.

Since words fail me, I thought I might simply borrow some of Keith’s words…and when I think of all his blog posts, the one that was for the longest time my absolute favorite of his was one that he posted on his own 50th birthday.  (I’m not sure it is anymore.  I’m not sure which one is my favorite anymore, honestly.  But since it’s his birthday, it’s the first one I thought of.)

He starts off that post with the idea that, “…beyond whatever control you try to exercise over it, life doesn’t seem to turn out the way you expect it to.”  That, my friends, is pure truth.  It’s a truth that Keith has lived out over the last several months, with the loss of his sweet wife.  And it’s a truth that each of us has lived out at some point or another in our own lives.

However, Keith ends that same post with this thought, which he had gleaned at the time, from his 50 years of living:  “Life turns out the way we should expect, in the largest sense.  Because in the end, what I understood as a child will still be true for all time:  Satan loses.  God wins.  And Jesus comes to take us home.”  And that, my friends, is pure gospel.  It's good news that shines hope into each of our lives at the points when we need it most.

So today, I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to my blogfather, who has spoken so much truth, and so much gospel, into my life over the past several years.  

God bless!

And Happy Birthday!