Tuesday, May 7, 2013

'Twas the Night Before Dump Day

‘Twas the night before Dump Day 2013,

And what a fantastic and wonderful scene,

With all of the people in Trey’s blogosphere

Excited that Dump Day soon would be here!


All who were feasting the night before last,

Would soon be replacing their feast with a fast.

With prayer and a cause that they just can’t ignore,

They’ll fast for near thirty hours or more.


The first thing they’ll do is to bow and to pray,

Asking our Lord God to bless this Dump Day,

Then open up wallets with marvelous cheer,

Making a gift at the Bread website here.


Bread for a Hungry World, they’re supporting,

Making their gifts, as they are affording.

Helping out Bread to distribute some food,

They’re doing their best to do what is good.


For God and our Savior will always be pleased

When we love and care for “the least of these”.

He wants us to help set the oppressed free,

and to share of our food with all the hungry.


If you’re wondering if you can help, well you bet!

Just go make your pledge at treymorgan.net

There you’ll find answers to all of your questions,

And on ways to give, he’s got several suggestions.


If you think you might like to participate,

Please know any amount that you give would be great.

So what are you sitting and waiting there for?

Go make your donation at givebread.org. 

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