Thursday, February 2, 2012

An Opinionated Birthday Post for an Opinionated Person

You all may know that my dear friend Ellen is an opininated evidenced by my list of blogs to the left.  In fact, the title of her blog is "Ellen Has An Opinion".  One of my favorite things that Ellen occasionally does over at The Opinions is writing birthday blogs, listing out 5 favorite things she loves about her family/friends on their birthdays.

What you might not know, my dear readers, is that I am also an opinionated person, and, yes, I also have an opinion.  I am of the opinion that after all the time spent writing about those she cares for on their respective birthdays, Ellen deserves to have someone write about her on her big day!  So...I present, for your reading pleasure (and in no particular order), five of my favorite things about Ellen!

5.  As a journalism-teacher-turned-librarian with a degree in English, Ellen loves to both read and write.  Obviously her love of writing is evidenced by The Opinions, where her writing is more witty or clever than anything you might find here.  And her love of reading manifests itself in all different kinds of works.  These are two hobbies that I also share, and although our tastes in reading material are different, I always appreciate someone who can appreciate a good book.  Thanks for your love of the language, and for entertaining me at The Opinions!

4.  Ellen likes to be in charge.  As you can see in the vintage S-Games photograph below (please forgive the blurry-ness), Ellen is walking around with a clipboard (a sure sign of someone in-charge) and giving what are probably some very pertinent instructions in order to win whatever S-Game is about to be played.  Ellen  might tell you that she doesn't like being in charge...she claims she's not bossy.  And I agree with that statement, as being "bossy" definitely has a negative connotation, so Ellen is not that.  However, sometimes things  have to get done, and decisions have to be made.  And while someone like myself is likely to stand around over-thinking all the possibilities and ultimately deciding that it doesn't really matter, Ellen is quick to make a decision and share it with others.  Half the time, we might not make it to dinner on Sunday night if it weren't for thanks for being a good decision-maker!

3.  Ellen is a very crafty person.  She admittedly likes to be doing stuff with her hands often (claims she even listens better when she is doing something like a Sudoku puzzle with her hands!), and this desire sometimes tends to manifest itself with craft projects.  Some of her craft projects are big, HGTV-worthy projects like restoring an old dresser.  Some are smaller projects like knitting or crocheting.  I'll be honest and admit that I'm not sure exactly what she's making in the photo below, but it is obviously something fun for the children in the youth services department of the library, where she works.  (My guess is a George Washington- or founding father-type character, but I don't remember...)  Anyway, I have personally benefited from Ellen's crafting abilities as I am the complete opposite of a crafty person.  I'm craft-deficient.  And yet, Ellen was able to teach me how to crochet!  (Nothing fancy, mind you, just a simple, single-crochet--we're talking about me, remember...)  But I have been able to use those new-found crocheting skillz to participate in a ministry at our church, which will provide sleeping mats for some people in Haiti.  Ellen, I bet you didn't know your craftiness could reach all the way to other countries and touch others who desperately need it.  Thanks for sharing that gift!

2.  Ellen loves to laugh!  Beyond that, she loves to make other people laugh, too.  She prides herself in being very funny, and rightfully so, as her sense of humor is part of what makes her fun to be around.  She knows that there is "a time for every activity under heaven..." and that it includes "a time to laugh" (NLT).  Thanks for bringing joy to others through your humor!

1.  Pictured below is Ellen and her siblings.  She is the 4th of four, the youngest of the family.  She's got a Momma and a Butch that she loves, along with two older brothers (Shane & Josh), an older sister (Michelle), a brother-in-law (Will), a sister-in-law (Susan), and a handful of nieces & nephews, and a slew of aunts, uncles, and cousins that I'm sure she's extremely close to.  I know this, because she talks about them and/or goes to see them all the time.  They are about as tight-knit a family as I've ever seen; she loves them, and they love her, and it's a beautiful family.  But Ellen's love doesn't end with her family.  It spills over to her friendships as well, as she is about as devoted of a friend as I've seen, willing to maintain friendships throughout many years and many miles.  I hope that, regardless of how many years go by, or how many miles may separate, I will be always be able to consider Ellen a friend.  "Thank you for being a friend!"

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday, Dear Ellen!

Happy Birthday to You!!!

And Many More...  :)


ellen said...

Precious Lacey,
Have I ever mentioned to you how I am such a sap that I often end up crying as I think about my birthday people and write my five favorite things about them--and often when I go back and read them later? It's true. I do it. But I'm also the kind of sap that reads your sweet, sweet words about me here and cries about how blessed I am to have you as a friend. So glad you're in my life! Love and thanks.

Michelle (the big sister) said...

Ohhh...I thought this morning that someone should write Ellen a birthday post. I'm so very glad that she told me about yours and that you love her enough to write one! It was beautiful, as were the pictures! Your favorite things about Ellen are some of my favorite things about her, too. She's pretty great!! And you are obviously a great friend!

mmlace said...

Thanks, Michelle. Ellen's a pretty great friend, too!

And Ellen, no, I had no idea you were such a sap! ;)
Sorry for making you cry...

Vickye (the moma) said...

What precious words about my precious child! I know you are a dear friend to her because she often talks about you and the fun ya'll have. So glad you are in her life.

ellen said...

Further random thoughts that occurred to me upon reading this a second time: If I ever said I wasn't bossy, it was a lie. I think I'm learning to embrace my bossy. My hair used to be very long, didn't it? Some days I wish it still were, but not usually. Also you're really, really great.

ellen said...

One more thing: I read it a second time--and will probably read it more because I am very, very vain and love when people talk about me. While I'm glad that particular trait didn't make the list, it's a big enough part of me that it bears mentioning.

mmlace said...

Random thoughts that occurred to me while writing this post:

1. I'm gonna be late to Ellen's non-party.

2. The Harry Potter movies are so good that even though I don't read fiction, and even maintain that I don't have time to read fiction, I kind-of wish that I did.

3. When I was in high school I was never on the yearbook staff, but my older sister was for a year or two, and they had staff shirts each year. One shirt in particular that I remember was navy blue and had what became one of my absolute favorite quotes on the back of it. 'Twas a very profound philosophy for life in general. It said, "You can go anywhere you want in life, as long as you look serious and carry a clipboard."

4. What IS that figure she's making???

5. Ellen might secretly hate me for that laughing picture...

6. If she doesn't, then she'll probably secretly hate me for the smurf picture.

7. I still think green hair looks good on Mac. It's a good color for him.

mmlace said...

Also...bossy's not necessarily a bad thing.

And I was amazed at the variety of hair lengths, really. For some reason I always just kind-of think of your hair as being about shoulder-length. But in the crafty pic, it's well past your shoulders, as opposed to the vintage S-games photo, where it's more like chin-length!

mmlace said...

And I'm also vain enough to read this post multiple times because it's true, I like to read my own writing. And I'm okay with that. I've embraced my vanity in the same way that you've embraced your bossy.

Also, you're really, really great.

And also, I still have a tea pitcher with your name on it. (Now that one was really random!)