Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Project Love--April--Love the World

Well May is almost over, and soon it will be time to update you on what has happened with Project Love for the month of May.  So before I do that, I should probably fill you in on what happened in the month of April!

Our church-wide project for April was the Nicaragua Smile Project, which our church has done before in years past.  However, we did it a little bit differently this time around.  The goal of this project is to create little shoebox sized gift boxes for children in Nicaragua.  Usually, our church just asks a family to prepare and donate an entire box (or more!)  However, this year, the project was done a little bit more as a corporate effort.  There were sign-up lists for all the different types of supplies that would be needed to create these boxes, and instead of creating an entire box, we were asked to sign up for a certain supply (or more!) and bring those.  Then, at the end of the month, on a Sunday afternoon, we scheduled a packing party, where we could come together as a church to pack each of the boxes with the donated supplies.  I thought this was an interesting and effective way to participate in creating the boxes together as a church family.  Unfortunately, I was unable to assist in the actual packing of the boxes, as there was a flood in Little Rock that weekend.  Seriously.  There were torrential rains that afternoon right about the time I was ready to leave my apartment to go to the church building.  Thankfully, it slacked up enough for me to make it to church that evening.  (But the rains continued, even to the point of several major roads being closed the next couple of days!)

The theme for the month of April was “Love the World”, which was appropriate since April is usually our missions emphasis month at PV.  Our devotional guide for the month talked about the fact that missions is not the ultimate goal of the church, but rather, worship is.  Missions is temporary, but worship will be forever.  Worship should actually be both the fuel and the goal of missions.  The goal of missions is for everyone to be able to know the Lord and worship Him in gladness.  Also, worship is the fuel for missions, because it is a person’s own passion for the Lord that drives them to share His message with others.  Below are a few discussion questions on this topic:

1.        Explain the sentence, “Missions exists because worship doesn’t.”
          Missions exists because there are some people that still don’t know of God’s greatness and worship Him.
2.       How does “Missions” begin worship?
          Missions begins worship in two ways.  More people will worship Him as they are taught and come to know Him.  Also, the missionary is worshiping by obeying His commands an teaching others about Him.
3.       Do you see a correlation between your passion or God and your zeal for missions?  Why or why not?
          Yes, because it’s when I focus on God and His greatness that I’m less worried about myself and am more likely to focus on serving others.
4.       Do you think PV’s corporate worship in our building affects our missionaries in other countries?  Explain.
         Yes.  It is out of our corporate worship that we are moved to do God’s work, which includes the support and encouragement that we offer to missionaries around the world.
5.       How would you define “missions”?  How does that definition apply locally and globally.
          I think of missions as joining God in his redemptive work of setting the world back to rights, to fixing everything that’s gone wrong with this creation.  Globally, that can mean teaching others who have never heard of Christ.  Locally, most people have at least heard of Christ, so the job is a little different at home.  Mission, locally, can involve whatever it takes to serve others and bless them in the name of Christ…anything that we can do to draw them closer to Him.

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