Thursday, July 1, 2010

Project 4:4--Day One Hundred Sixty-Two

Day One Hundred Sixty-Two, II Kings 8-10, II Chron. 22

A lot going on in today’s reading, but really not a lot that I have to comment on. It is in today’s reading that Jezebel is killed, rather gruesomely, and Ahab’s entire family is destroyed.

Noteworthy that Jezebel is killed in exactly the way the Lord said she would be, after the way she treated Naboth. Also, Ahab’s household was completely wiped out, as the Lord said it would be.

One thing that I’ve truly rejoiced over as we go through this reading, something that I’ve pointed out time and time again, and will continue to point out as I notice it and it excites me, is that the Lord keeps His promises.

However, with that in mind, as much as I can rejoice over His promises of mercy, guidance, love, and forgiveness, we must also remember that the same is true of His promises of discipline and punishment for those who do evil.

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