Thursday, July 8, 2010

Micah 6:8

Taking a break from the Project 4:4 blogging, at least for just a bit. (Kind-of a much needed break. I fully intend to catch up sometime before the year is out. Never mind the fact that I’m a month behind on writing about my daily reading, I’ve still not given up on that resolution yet.)

On Monday, as I was celebrating the freedom we have, living in this great nation of ours, I spent a portion of my day off at a place called The Firefly Studio. It’s a pottery shop near where I live, and it’s a great place to flex some creative/artistic muscle, while relaxing. You can purchase a piece, decorate it any way you desire, then have it glazed and fired, all for a very reasonable price. I usually spend time over there every couple of months or so with some of the girls from my church—we’ll go decorate pottery together!

Once, a little over a year ago, we had planned an evening of painting pottery; I was trying to decide what to do, and I was just coming up short. I wanted to put something religious & meaningful on something, so I shot out an e-mail to a handful of friends, asking them what their favorite verses were & why. I got several good responses to that message, but the one I went with that night was from one of my favorite Bible teachers, who told me his favorite verse was Jer. 29:11. (He did not answer the “why” part of that question, which drives me a little bit crazy. Because now I know what his favorite verse is but I have no idea why.) So I painted a small saucer-sized plate with that verse that night.

However, another verse had been suggested to me that I just couldn’t get out of my head. So a few weeks later I went back and painted a small, square tile coaster. (Notice the pattern of painting things that are small. That’s because of my lack of artistic ability. I usually choose something small…that way, if I screw it up, it’s not something I’ve spent a lot of money on! Which ended up being a good decision, with the Jer. 29:11 plate, which did not turn out so well. I’ve contemplated throwing it out and trying again, because I have no use for it…it is not cute.) Anyway, this friend had sent me the verse Micah 6:8 as his favorite. I asked him what his favorite color was, and I painted it in that color. It simply said, “Do justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly.—Micah 6:8”. I usually take pictures of the pottery I paint, but for some reason I didn’t of this one, or I would post it here. It may be the only one I don’t have a picture of…it and the Jer. 29:11 plate, which is definitely not photo-worthy, anyway.

Fortunately, the Micah 6:8 tile was photo-worthy (***special thanks to my friend for providing me w/this photo!); more importantly, it was even gift-worthy! I had decided that I wanted my friend to have it, since he was the one that inspired it, and since it turned out decent, I just left it on his desk in his office one morning.

I tell you all of this now because I was recently reminded of this coaster; because this verse has come up very recently in our Project 4:4 reading; and because, thanks to this friend of mine, I believe Micah 6:8 is becoming one of my favorite verses now as well. So I decided to look a little bit more into these concepts of justice, mercy, and humility. I’ll be posting a few blogs on these in the near future, as I’m taking a short hiatus from working on the Project 4:4 blogs. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading. And much love!

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