Sunday, June 13, 2010

Project 4;4--Day One Hundred Forty-Seven

Day One Hundred Forty-Seven, I Kings 11

If you recall Solomon first became king, you’ll remember all the encouragement that David gave him to remain faithful to the Lord and walk in His ways. It was of utmost importance that Solomon follow the Lord as he ruled over Israel.

Solomon seemed to start out well. When the Lord offered him anything his heart desired, he asked the Lord to grant him wisdom to distinguish right from wrong, and a discerning heart to govern the people well. Admirable, indeed. In fact, the Lord was so impressed that because Solomon asked for something so admirable, God decided to bless him with riches and power as well as wisdom, more so than anyone else who lived.

However, the riches that the Lord blessed Solomon with soon became his downfall. Not only was Solomon wealthy, he continued to amass great wealth and horses—contrary to the Lord’s command for the king of His people, given in Deut. 17. He also took in many, many wives (700) and concubines (300)—also contrary to the Lord’s command in Deut. 17.

It was this wealth, and these wives, that led Solomon astray, so that rather than serving the Lord, Solomon followed his own desires and worshiped other gods. Because the Lord was unhappy with him for this, the Lord decided to tear the kingdom away from Solomon.

However, I find it interesting that for the sake of David, the Lord both would not do this during Solomon’s lifetime, and He would not take the entire kingdom away. He would leave a portion of the Israelites for a descendant of David to rule over.

Reminds me of the Lord’s promise that he remembers the sin to the third and fourth generation, but he blesses to the thousandth generation of those who obey Him.

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