Sunday, May 2, 2010

Project 4:4--Day Ninety-Eight

Day Ninety-Eight, II Sam. 6, I Chron. 15-16, Ps. 96

In today’s reading, some time has passed and David is reminded of the ark of the covenant. He is told of how the Lord has blessed Obed-Edom. So David decides it’s time to bring the ark to Jerusalem. But this time, he makes sure it’s done right.

I love the celebration that accompanies the return of the ark of the covenant. David and all the people celebrated with shouts, sounding of horns and cymbals, and playing of lyres and harps. Scripture describes David as dancing with all his might. He’s basically stripped down to his underwear and is dancing in the streets.

Makes ya wonder what kind of a reaction that got…

Stay tuned for that tomorrow. :)

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