Sunday, April 11, 2010

Project 4:4--Day Eighty-Eight

Day Eighty-Eight, I Samuel 13-14

Today’s reading includes the first of several times that Saul makes a mistake. The Philistines are preparing to attack Israel, and Saul and his men are afraid. They are at Gilgal, however, waiting on Samuel to arrive and present a burnt offering and a fellowship offering to the Lord. Because Saul is afraid and tired of waiting on Samuel to arrive, he goes ahead and offers the burnt offering. Just after he does this, Samuel arrives and rebukes him for it.

It is then that we see what I think makes Saul the way he is most of the time. As opposed to David, whom we will later see react to his own sin with humility and responsibility, we see Saul, who refuses to take responsibility. Rather than recognize his own sin, he makes an excuse for why he did what he did, without regard for the fact that his actions displeased the Lord.

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