Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Project 4:4--Day Thirty

Day Thirty, Exodus 29-31

This reading is more of what we had yesterday, more instruction for the Tabernacle and articles in it. Here we have instructions for the ordination of the priests, a special sin offering a special burnt offerng, the ram of ordination, the ordination week activities, continuous burnt offerings, the altar of incense, the census offering, the bronze laver, the anointing oil, and the incense.

However, also in this reading, God names two men, Bezalel and Oholiab, as two workers to build the Tabernacle. He names them as skilled craftsmen, men that He as given the ability to do all that the Lord has commanded.

I just love the reminder that in the same way that the Lord calls us to do His tasks, it is also the Lord that gives us the ability to complete them.

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