Monday, January 18, 2010

Project 4:4--Day Sixteen

Today's reading was Genesis 36. It involved a long list of the descendants of Esau. Not a lot to comment on, except the fact that God also blessed Esau physically and made him into a great nation, as well.

However, the last couple of weeks, this past week, I did not include the answers to the discussion questions in the daily reading posts, the reason for that being that this week's questions were broader, and seemed to cover the whole reading. So I'll go ahead and post them here, even though I don't have a whole lot of confidence in these answers. Perhaps you can come up w/something better yourself. If so, feel free to leave a comment!

1. Why was Jacob (the younger) chosen by God over Esau (the older)?

--Perhaps God was setting things up so that man's rules just did not apply. Or perhaps He knew the personalities of the two and knew which one wol be the better man to be the father of His people.

2. What changes do you see in Jacob's character over his lifetime?

--He begins to learn to trust in God's promises, obeying even when he is afraid.

3. What is the significance of Jacob's wrestling with the angel and having his name changed in Gen. 32:22-32?

--I think it is symbolic or prophetic of the future of his descendants who will go through season after season, back and forth between faithfulness/unfaithfulness to God.

4. What can you apply in your life based on Jacob's experience in mariage and parenting?

--Well I'm not married, nor am I a parent but there are a few things that anyone can learn. Honesty is, without a doubt, the best policy. Playing favorites will create feelings of resentment. Learn to trust in God and wait for Him to do things in His time.

5. What are the differences and similarities in Jacob's two experiences at Bethel as recorded in Gen. 28:10-17 and 35:1-15?

--Each time Jacob set up a pillar to memorialize the Lord speaking to him in that place. However, the first time, he was asking for God's protection/blessing, and the second time he was worshiping, praising God for them

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