Monday, February 9, 2009

For the Fans...

About a week or so ago, I was told that "the fans were clamoring" for a new post from me.

I guess, more accurately, that would be "fan", singular. So for my dear friend, Ellen, here goes...

I've not written on here for awhile, mostly because I've been pretty busy since the beginning of the year. But, believe it or not, I've been wanting to catch up over there's quite a bit to review over the past month or so.

I guess, first of all, with the coming of the new year, and a fresh beginning, is a chance to review the previous year's resolutions (or in my case, the ANTI-resolutions from last year!) You can find them here.

As for #1, I think I've strengthened my prayer life, at least a little bit. Unfortunately, I failed miserably at the possiblity of writing a prayer journal. Maybe I'll try that one again this year. Maybe not.

My #2 is fabulous! Although I still get nervous, I've truly LOVED every opportunity our singles group has had to host blood drives. The only time I didn't get to donate last year was in October. I sat in the room all morning watching/assisting others with their donating. I left for about 45 minutes to go to lunch, and when I came back, the nurses had already started taking everything down! :(

I'm still working on #3. Have had a couple of trims which, unfortunately, were a little bit more than I expected. So now, I'm hoping it'll be long enough by the end of THIS summer. We'll see.

#4--Wow. That's a big one for me. One that I've worked on for quite some time, and have gradually gotten a little bit better. But it wasn't until THIS year that I actually started going to Celebration, which is a singing class at our church on Sunday afternoons, where our worship minister gives out sheet music to some of the newer songs and teaches them! It is surprisingly fun, and I love it! It helps. As I've told a couple of others who have asked me about it, for someone who doesn't sing, it is relatively painless! :)

My #5 is one that I did okay on...for a little while. But it fizzled out in the end. I think I stopped sometime in September or October. But I've taken it up again, as kind of a New Year's resolution for 2009. So we'll see how it goes this year.

Number 6 was a piece of cake! I absolutely did not step on a scale at all last year. And when I got back on one on January 1, 2009--it was EXACTLY THE SAME as it had been the previous year.

I'm also desperately working on #7. I've discovered that I'm such an emotional/sentimental pack-rat. I've gone through the boxes in my closet, only to find little trinkets from a bunch of the trips that I took when I was in college. I can't think of any reason to keep these things, except for once every two years when I go through my closet, I can say, "Oh yeah, this was from the time I was in..." and then put it back in the box. So I'm gonna see what I can do about getting rid of some of that stuff. Here's another one that I just can't seem to throw away--church bulletins. "Hi, my name is Lacey, and I'm a bulletin hoarder..." I've got a drawer in my bedroom...every month or two, I will clean out my Bible and put the new bulletins in there. I don't have one for EVERY week, because we don't mail out our bulletin every week, so I don't have one for the weeks that I'm not there. (But if I really wanted to be OCD about it, I could go to our website and print out the ones I don't have!) But, seriously...I've got a stack of MOST of my church's bulletins from Feb. 2006 until now. I'm not sure why. But I'm not ready to throw them away either.

Finally, for #8--that's a hard one to measure. It's always a constant goal of mine to focus more and more on the things He would have me to, rather than on things of this world that don't really matter. I pray I can continue that in 2009.

That's all I'll bore you with for now.

Thanks for reading, and much love.


ellen has an opinion said...

Just wanted to say officially on here, your fans thank you . . .

I really love that you followed up on your anti-resolutions, and I'm impressed with how many you kept in spirit, if not in letter . . . I think you can be proud of your efforts.

Keith Brenton said...

Now I know whom to come to when I need a bulletin!