Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Ask and ye shall receive..."

Or is it more like, "Be careful what you wish for!"???

Less than two days ago...on Sunday evening before church began, I was talking to the guy sitting in front of me, a friend of mine who is originally from Michigan. I told him I was disappointed that it didn't feel like December. It was 65 degrees outside, and although I'd brought my jacket with me to church, I didn't need it.
After what I woke up to this morning, you should've seen me trying to even get to the door of my car on the sheet of ice that was on the ground! I called in to work...they suggested that I wait a little while...and perhaps they can send someone to come get me, if I'm still not comfortable driving on that sheet of ice. Which I might not be...since I live on top of a freakin' mountain!!!.
I just hope I don't slide down the hill on my way in to work!

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