Monday, October 13, 2008

In Case You Didn't Know...

I've got the most GORGEOUS brand new tiny baby niece!!!

Whitlee Klaire was born on Sept. 23, 2008!!!

Now I have the most gorgeous niece to go along with her 4-year-old brother, who just happens to be the cutest nephew in the world!

Aren't they precious!?!?!


Katherine said...

Yes, they are precious!

It looks like we have some mutual friends through Graham, Mitch, and Christie! :) I had breakfast with Graham and Mitch as few weeks ago while they were on furlough-it was great!

Congrats on being an aunt again-it is so fun! :)

mmlace said...

Thanks, Katherine!

I don't know Graham or Christie. But I go to church at Pleasant Valley, where we support Mitch, so he's an acquaintance of mine, I met him when he was on furlough these past couple of months.