Monday, August 25, 2008

Rejoice With Me!!!

"Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Does she not light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbors together and says 'Rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin.' In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents."

A couple of Sundays ago, our minister brought us an interesting lesson on "The Bible's Bad Math." Being the accountant that I am (and even former math major, before I switched to a business degree!) that topic grabbed my attention when I first saw it, and I wondered what it was going to be about.

If I recall correctly, he began his sermon in Luke 15, as he read to us the parable of The Lost Sheep, one of my favorites from when I was a little girl in Sunday School. I turned there in my Bible to read along, but after he was finished, I couldn't seem to keep my eyes from wandering down to the next passage of scripture, the parable of The Lost Coin, another favorite of mine from back in the day!

So often, we read passages of scripture that can jump out at you, as you realize how they apply to you TODAY. Well, TODAY, that parable of The Lost Coin was in my mind, as it applied to me, and quite literally! Normally, I NEVER carry cash. But this past weekend, my mom had reimbursed me $90.00 for a purchase that I made, something that she had ordered from a store up here and I picked it up for her. She also gave me an additional $15.00 for a pair of shoes I'd bought for her. Then my roommate gave me her portion of the bills that I'd paid, which amounted to $140.00. So by Saturday, I was walking around with $245.00 in my pocket. (Did I mention that I NEVER carry cash?)

This past weekend, I was at my parents' house, and before I went to bed Saturday evening, when I was changing into my sleep clothes, I emptied my pockets into my suitcase, threw the jeans on the bedroom floor, and went on to bed. The next morning, Sunday morning, as I was quickly getting ready for church and getting ready to get packed to come home afterwards, I picked up everything off the bedroom floor and threw it into the suitcase, made a very quick check through all the house to make sure I hadn't left anything important lying around (I always manage to forget something!) then headed out the door.

Fast-forward a couple of hours. I get home...unpack the suitcase to do the money. I begin to second-guess myself...Am I sure I put that money in here? Am I sure I didn't put it in my purse? Am I sure it's not somewhere in the mess that is my car? Am I sure I didn't leave it lying in the bedroom? Am I sure I didn't leave it somewhere else in the house, like lying on the kitchen counter or some such??? I couldn't remember, and I had no idea! Folks, this is why I NEVER carry cash!

The scariest thought to me was when I noticed that the outside zipper pocket of my suitcase had some change in it, and it was unzipped. There was also some change in my pocket along w/the money, and I thought "Am I sure I didn't put the money in there, forget to zip it, and it fall out!!! Am I sure I'm not that stupid???" So I looked in all those places. I looked in the suitcase again. I emptied my purse. I looked in the car. I looked EVERYWHERE that I had been since I'd been home. I called my mom and asked her to check the bedroom down there. No luck.

Until this evening. I sat down front of the suitcase (which is still lying on my bedroom floor with a few items in it) and said, '"Sovereign Lord, You alone know' where that money is! Please help me find it!" I looked through the suitcase one more time. and noticed there is a little flap in the bottom of my suitcase that velcroes down and folds up. I held my breath...I lifted it up...and I FOUND THE MONEY!!!

So for a day, folks, I got to feel like the woman in Jesus' parable.

And I think the moral of His story is very clear...

NEVER carry cash!!!


preacherman said...

I think that is great.
I hope this gives you a great week and weekend ahead.

JD said...

Great story! That prayer has helped me find lost items before as well.


I loved the story. Makes the 10 coins parable come to life.

I think next you need to purchase 100 sheep...

mmlace said...

Trey, I'm still trying to figure out where in my lil 2-bedroom apartment the 100 sheep will fit!

preacherman said...

I hope all is going well.
You are always in my thoughts and prayers sis.

Paul Ford said...

haha! I'm glad you recovered your money -- That's really a sick feeling. Thanks for the reminder that after prayer, things seem to work out. I've got lots to read in your blog.