Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yes, I know...

I know, it's been an ETERNITY since I've blogged.

Well, at least it feels like it to me, anyway.

See, the problem was, I had just finished reading William P. Young's The Shack in record time. It was just that good; I had difficulty putting it down. I really liked it, and planned on writing about it.

This was right before I read of the sad loss for our brother and Blog King, John Dobbs.

After that, I just didn't care much to continue with that course of action.

If you would like to read a good review of it, I recommend Patrick Mead's take on it. I pretty much agreed with his assessment of it--he didn't feel that it was very heavy-hitting in the area of dealing with tragedy. However, I will add that I did really like it for a different reason--I appreciated the way that it portrayed the Trinity, perhaps because that's just such a difficult concept for me to wrap my mathematical brain around. I understand that this book is fiction (which I normally don't read, actually) and I'm pretty sure that nobody (our author, included) really has a true grasp on the Trinity. Young, however, portrays our Godhead in a manner that requires one to think outside of the box. He definitely stretched my preconceived notions about Who God is, and that was good exercise for me.

A few weeks later, our own John Dobbs also reviewed The Shack. You can find his thoughts on it here.

That's all I've got for now. I leave this weekend to go counsel a week of church camp. Am TOTALLY EXCITED about that as always and will try to post more about that tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, much love!

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johndobbs said...

Great to hear from you Lacey! Thanks for the link. I liked the book a lot...and it helped me during a particularly dark time. I've missed talking to you ... maybe soon. God bless you!