Monday, February 18, 2008

A Weird Morning...

Yesterday morning was just a little weird...kinda disjointed for me.

In leiu of class, our Singles group hosted a blood drive all day yesterday...we were there from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. So instead of class, I wanted to go ahead and donate and get that out of the way. (Despite donating for the first time ever a couple of months ago, I still don't do needles.) So I stood in line for a few minutes...answered a few questions...then it was time...again.

This time hurt worse than last time. Seriously. Last time there were tears in my eyes just because I was afraid. And it ended up not hurting as bad as I thought it would. This time I was not as the tears did not come to my eyes till the needle was shoved in...because this time, for some reason, it really did HURT. Lest anyone think I am a wimp...there is a NASTY swollen bruise on my arm that says otherwise. (There was no bruise last time.)

Despite my efforts to hurry up and get the donating out of the way, I still was not finished till about 11. So I was late for worship. That was awkward. Because I missed the beginnng of the sermon, it was really hard to get into it. I couldn't tell you now what our minister spoke about. (I'll have to go back and listen to it later.)

Some people frown upon others entering worship late because of the distraction. If that's the case, I was a major distraction yesterday. Not only did I come in late, I brought my orange juice w/me. Since I didn't finish giving till 11, I didn't have time to sit and rest and eat something...I just went from the needle straight upstairs to worship. So I drank my juice during the sermon. Is that allowed? Some people I know might think that act alone would send me straight to...well...

To follow that up...I guess I was too tired to think about I forgot to silence my cell phone. So about the time that I finish my juice, still in the middle of the sermon, our auditorium was filled w/the refrain of Jeremy Camp's "Give You Glory." That normally would have been a little embarassing for me, but I think at that particular moment, I was too tired to care.

Anyway, after worship I had intended to go home and change clothes before returning to the blood drive. But I accidentally left my car keys down in the Singles room where the drive was going on. So I had to go hunt for my keys before I could go home.


So that was my rather awkward, disjointed morning. Okay, I'm done complaining now. I'll be back w/some more posts later, but first I need to go spend the rest of this President's Day off work by cleaning the disaster area that is my apartment.

Later, people! Much love!


Dee Andrews said...

You are doing good things, Lacey!

Much love,


preacherman said...

You are doing great.
I drink water during worship.
Between class and worship I drink diet Dr. Pepper.
I have in an outreach church drank coffee and ate donuts during worship. It totally okay. Remember that worship is about the heart and God anyway.
We aren't to judge anyone but ourselves.
I think it is great that you gave blood and made a differnce in the life of someone else. That in itself is worship. Pleasing to God.
Thank you for sharing this great post with us.
I hope you have a great weekend.
Kinney Mabry