Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another little prayer request...

I was eating lunch this afternoon at about 12:30, when I heard my phone vibrating from in my purse across the room, but by the time I got to it, the caller had hung up. It was my dad; he had called three times, and had left me a voicemail right at noon.

He said my little sister was in a wreck. She is okay, but she's very lucky to be okay. Someone ran their red light and hit her pretty much head-on. My dad said her car is demolished. Thankfully, she just has some scrapes and bruises. When I talked to him, they were sitting in the emergency room, waiting on her to get checked out, just to be sure she's okay. I'm sure she'll be fine, but she's probably pretty shaken up. I know I would be.

Also, he found out that the driver that hit her was not insured. So they've gotta deal with that, too. So if you all would be so kind as to remember my sister, Laura...well, I know we'd all appreciate it.

Much love!

Update 1-1-08:
Here's a pic of my sister's "demolished" Nissan Altima...

And to think, she walked away w/just some scrapes and bruises! God is good!

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preacherman said...

I believe in the power of prayer because I am a living testimony to it.

Now I want you to know that the pray that I am about to pray does not sound like your normal CoC prayer. I hope it will encourage you, your sister and give you the faith and stregth you need during this time.

I pray in the name of Jesus that you be with MMLaces's sister that you give her comfort, emotional healing. Remove any guilt she might have in her live oh, God. I pray that you will calm her nerves in the name of Jesus. I pray for financial blessing to come upon this family Oh, God. In the name of Jesus. We are thankful that MMLaces's sister was not seriously harmed. We are thankful that your angels were watching over her; God. I pray you will you will take away the anger of the parents if there is any anger in the household about this accident. Let calm and love rule. In the name of Jesus. I praise you Jesus that she walked away from the wreck. You do show us mircles today so others may see your wonderful glory. I want to pray for the driver of the other car that he or she may see or come to the terms that you are in control. You God, saved their life as well. May they come to know you. I pray that we may take this accident and turn it into something that will bring you glory. Let MMLace's sister be a witness to others. I pray oh, God that you give her a spirit of power to proclaim and be able to give testimony after testimony of what you have done for her life. In you son's AMEN!'

I pray you have a bless 2008.