Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Groundbreaking Blog!

This past Friday evening was amazing. Something that I know I don't blog about enough in relation to how strongly I feel about it is the importance of fellowship; at least, in my opinion, it is extremely important. I might even venture to say that the time that I spend w/my brothers and sisters in Christ outside of the few hours on Sunday and Wednesday is just as important as the hours we spend in "worship services" (I despise that term...but can't think of a better one). The reason I say this is because it is outside of the "corporate worship" that we can spend time building those one-on-one personal relationships that make us into the family that we are supposed to be. And who's to say that time is not "corporate worship" as well??? My belief is that worship is all the time; it's a way of life, rather than something that happens only when we are specifically participating in 5 or so particular acts.

With that in mind, this past Friday evening was amazing, because several of the girls from my singles class at church got together for one of our "Girl's Nights!" Every once in awhile, we like to get together for dinner; sometimes we'll go out to eat, other times we'll stay at someone's place and cook. Then we'll spend some time hangin' out; sometimes we'll watch a movie, other times we'll just visit for a couple of hours. We try to do so once every month or so. But here lately, it seems like it's been awhile.

However, one of my friends, Amanda, received, as part of her X-mas package from work, a coupon for a large cheesecake sampler from Honey Baked Hams. So she decided to invite us all over and share the wealth. Friday evening 6 of us met at Amanda's to go to dinner at Johnny Carino's. (A 7th person met us there for dinner, then had to go meet her parents, who were coming into town, so she was unable to hang w/us later that night.) It was during dinner that we got into a pretty deep discussion; so deep that we decided it was blog-worthy. You see, we have a new, nifty, facebook-ish/myspace-ish singles website, on which we can blog, and here recently, the blogging activity is beginning to pick up. So we decided this conversation was definitely worth sharing. I believe it was my friend Cynthia that came up with the groundbreaking's first ever group blog!

Back to Amanda's house we went, where we stayed up until midnight, enjoying cheescake and coffee/hot cocoa, with each of us contributing a portion to the groundbreaking (at least for PVSingles) group blog. Unfortunately, unless you register an account there, you are unable to view this blog. So I have taken the liberty to post it here and share our dinnertime conversation with all of you. Be sure to leave your feedback, and I'll share it with the rest of the girls! Enjoy!

Are You A Hoarder, A Pack Rat, or A Purger???

A conversation had by a group of girls over dinner...

Jess: "So on Thursday I had to skip my workout and just so happened to make it home to catch the last 30 minutes of Oprah. Just to clarify, I was not skipping the gym to watch Oprah. On the show there was a woman who had what I like to call a possession separation anxiety disorder. She would shop every day for things she thought someone might like or that she might need...and then never give anything away or use it! What a waste of money! It got so bad that there was literally 75 TONS of junk in her 3000 sq. ft. house. It took 2 months to clean it all out. Professional organizers had to be brought in. They found black mold, mice nests, and food from 1994! GROSSSICKNASTY!!! "

Kim: "I felt a sudden pang of panic and, just having bought a 1,865 sq foot home complete with a separate 20 x 20 storage building which is currently 50% occupied by stuff I could not yet part with. Would I be this woman in 30 years? I took issue with Oprah calling this woman a hoarder. A hoarder is a discriminating collector of items to buy 1, 2, 3 or 10 of in all possible colors, flavors and sizes (think Warmack and his doll, oops, I mean monster collection). A pack rat lacks this ability to discern the important items from the mundane and ends up keeping everything for no apparent rationale. Oprah show lady clearly falls into this category. At the opposite spectrum is the purger who retains items only for their utilitarian or aesthetic value. To deflect the squirmy feeling of self recognition in Jess's tale I proposed to the group the question: Are you a hoarder, pack rat, or purger?"

Eden: "Ok, so now I'm coming from almost the other side, the side of the purger. Well, actually I'm a forced purger, after all I've moved every year since high school. After the first move I decided that there was no point in moving a lot of stuff just to have it sit in a box and wait to be moved again. So now I'm faced with a new dilemma, how do a purger and a pack rat get along, especially in the same house? Also, does your family affect what tendency you lean toward?"

Amanda S.: "I'm not really sure what I am. I guess the best time to catch me is when I am moving. You truly find out just how much stuff you have when you have to box it up and move it. When I move I am always trying to get rid of stuff just for the sake of not having to move it. Some might call this a philanthropical purger with an ulterior motive. Like the time that Jess knew a lady whose house had just burned down. I donated a full six place setting of formal dishes with cloth napkins and napkin rings to match. So anytime you hear of me moving, it might benefit you to stick around."

Cynthia: "How do you know what you really are? I'm probably a combination of both. Some things are well organized while other items are in disarray. Since this is such a deep dinner conversation, this is worthy of a blog post."

Lacey: "As I was listening to this conversation, I couldn't help but ask myself the same question. I seriously have no clue what I am. Eden asks how your family affects what tendency you lean toward. If that's the case, I'm doomed to be a pack rat...because that's what my parents are. I can already notice the effects, as I see myself beginning to collect all of these things that I just don't need. So I aspire for more. Oh that I could be the philanthropical purger that Amanda is! I go into my closet and clean it out, gathering up a whole bag full of clothes to donate to goodwill. They sit in my car for over a month.


So I press on, still aspiring for more.

What about you? Do you know what you are? Are you a hoarder? A purger? Do you have a lot of stuff? Or are you a utilitarian minimalist?"

Kim: In lieu of not having a Wed night class discussion next week, The Inaugural Group Bloggers Association Incorporation Chapter 1 invites you to comment on where you stand - in the clutter or out with the trash?

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Anonymous said...

I'm more of a purger and the older I get the most I get rid of, thinking (correctly) that we certainly can't take anything with us, so I might as well not hoard anything now.

We've made three moves in the last year and a half and just moved into a much smaller house than we had before so I've let a lot of long time things go.

However, having said that, I've kept the things that matter the most to me, so I'm definitely not a utilitarian minimalist. I have all of our family photos and stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving Lacey and good luck with your new group blog!

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