Tuesday, October 16, 2007


But good luck trying to convince the folks at Walmart of that! You know, your friendly Walmart greeters that are there to welcome you to the store, offer you a shopping cart, and thank you for shopping as you exit. But beware of the greeters if you set off the alarm!

Which I did...

And have done for the past three times I've walked out of Walmart!

It even "dinged" the last two out of three times as I walked in!

And I have no idea why.

On Sunday, I explained to the friendly greeter that it had started happening alot. He said, "Do you have a cell phone? Sometimes they can set it off..."

I waved my cell phone between the detectors...nothing.

(Besides, I've got a new phone, but I've had it now for about a month and a half. The dinging just started last week.)

But when I stepped back in it (purse on shoulder) it dinged again. Maybe it's the purse. The purse is new...I bought it there sometime last week. But I don't know of anything on it that would make the alarm go off. (And I don't recall the alarm going off when I bought the purse last week.) Or maybe it's something in the purse? I'll have to empty my purse tonight and make sure there's nothing in there causing this.

Because it's beginning to get annoying when every time I try to walk out of Walmart, I have to stop, find my receipt, and wait on the greeter to copy down some info off of it before I can be on my way.

So I'll see if I can't get to the bottom of this. In the mean time, the next time you're in Walmart and you hear that beep...you never know, it just might be me!

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