Wednesday, October 31, 2007


A few weeks ago, I posted on here about my sudden occurrence of setting of the alarm every single time I went into or came out of Walmart.

Well it just so happens that a few days after I wrote that post, I returned to Walmart yet again. As I walked in, the alarm beeped yet again. I went on my way, made my purchase and headed for the exit. As I left, the alarm went off yet again (shocking, I know!) But this time, before I had a chance to explain to the friendly greeter that I had been recently setting off the alarm and perhaps it was the new purse, she asked me "Have you bought a new wallet recently???" BINGO! Not only did I buy a new purse back then, I had also purchased a wallet! Apparently it had not been deactivated.

The friendly Walmart greeter deactivated my wallet and now I am no longer looked at as a shoplifter!

Just wanted to update you guys on that. Now I know you all can rest easy.

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Alan Gable said...

This is why I don't carry purses.