Thursday, October 11, 2007

How Convenient...

You know, I always tend to get sick, or at least not feel very well, at the most inconvenient times! AND IT MAKES ME SICK! Oh, how I hate it!

Two years ago, I had a horrible sinus infection, both during Thanksgiving and during Christmas! I remember sitting at work one day that December, head pounding, thinking only of how I was going to survive the Christmas party that I was hosting in my apartment later that evening. I must've looked as pitiful as I felt, because early in the afternoon, my boss was like, "Lacey, why don't you go home, you could use some rest..." You know it's bad when they're sending ya home from work!

Last year, it was at Christmas time. If you recall, last year, Christmas fell on a Monday. How amazing to get to spend Christmas Eve, which then fell on a Sunday, with brothers and sisters in Christ, in worship, praise, and prayer! Or at least, I would assume that it was amazing...I wouldn't really know, as the only praying I did that day was to the porcelain god. This is true...after a day full of family gatherings, I went to bed Saturday night at about 11:00 p.m. and did not get up (except to pray, of course) until about 9:00 Monday morning. Even then, I still felt about like I had been hit by a truck. I mustered up just enough strength to open a couple of gifts, go out to my sister and brother-in-law's place to watch my nephew open some of his gifts, and then drive the two hours from Texarkana to Little Rock. Merry Christmas, huh?

Well, guess what! It's happening again. This afternoon, while at work, my throat started hurting a little, and now, I can feel my head beginning to hurt w/some sinus pressure. You know how you can kinda feel it coming on? That's me right now. So wouldn't it be convenient for my dad to give me a call this evening, with news that he's got two tickets to see the Auburn game at Fayetteville on Saturday! (My little sister works at a bank, where a cousin of Tommy Tuberville used to come in on a regular basis. He had mentioned to her getting her some tickets for this game. Awhile back when I asked her about them, she said he no longer comes into her branch. So I had given up on this dream. Only to find out today that someone where one of my cousins works had given her these two tickets!) So now, guys, it is decision time. Because this game is a night game, I would be out in the cooler weather, and probably wouldn't even be leaving Fayetteville until 11:00 Saturday night. I would get home at some ungodly hour of the morning. Am I really gonna feel like doing all this in a couple of days? Based on how I'm starting to feel now, I'm not so sure.

Should I be responsible, give the tickets to someone else, take care of myself, stay home, and get some rest??? Or should I throw caution to the wind and do what I wanna do--have fun at what is sure to be an excellent game???


Decisions, decisions......

......How convenient!



I'm going unless I'm too sick to walk or drive. The others around me would just have to live with me being sick.

Hope your better...

mmlace said...

Well, I did it...I passed up the tickets. Besides the fact that it would be so late at night, in the cold, and I don't feel well, I also found out that they weren't very good seats.

So now, I'm almost glad that I feel considerably worse than I did yesterday. I would hate to have passed on this game, only to feel fine today! How's that for logic?