Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm It!!!!!

Or at least I think I am, since Alan tagged me with this questionnaire which, as he puts it, is "designed to draw out a deeper level of self-disclosure." These questions seem more difficult and prying than the other tags I've seen, which simply require a list of random facts. (But even that seems to be too much for some people.) I would really rather not do this, but since I just gave Keith a hard time for not doing one of these, for me to shirk my responsibility to the blogging community in this aspect would only make me a hypocrite...

Laced with as much sarcasm as you can possibly imagine: Thanks, Alan.

Here we go...

1. First Memory - Hmmm...that was a long time ago. I have some really vague memories from the preschool I attended between the ages of 2-4 years old. I remember it was at a local CoC in Texarkana, I remember at least one of my teachers, and just have some vague memories of sitting in those classes, w/different activities or learning Bible stories.

2. First Real Kiss - Justin Hignight. Guy I dated a loooong time ago. He's a sweet guy, really, and we're still friends...he still calls me, to this day.

3. First Concert - I'm sorry, I really don't remember.

4. First Love - See #2 above.

5. First Crush - 2nd grade--Zeke Miller--he was my "boyfriend" for awhile--but being in the 2nd grade, I'm not sure what all that entailed.

6. First Thing You Think in the Morning - "Nine more minutes..." (cause that's how long the snooze is on my cell phone) and then"Maybe the Lord will return in the next few minutes, and I won't have to get up and go to work" (this thought only comes because the ringtone that I use for my alarm on my phone is "Days of Elijah" so the first thing I hear is "Behold He comes, Riding on the clouds, Shining like the sun, At the trumpet call," etc., etc....)

7. First Book you Remember Loving - Well, when I was little, I read all the "Babysitters Club" books, I liked them. But as far as just absolutley loving a book for its wonderful story, it would be "Where the Red Fern Grows," which I think I read when I was in the 6th grade...kind of a sad story. I haven't read it since then, so I don't even recall the exact ending, but I do recall that I loved it!

8. First Pet - She was a rat terrier mix named "Peaches." We got her when I was about 7 or 8 years old, and had her till she died, when I was 15. That was a sad day.

9. First Question You'll Ask in Heaven - Why?

10. First thing you think when you hear the word "vacation" - Summertime, and not having to go to work!

11. First Best Friend - Amber Rochelle. She was a girl I went to school with and was in the same class with her from 1st-3rd grade.

12. Last time you dressed up - Ummm...depends on your definition of "dress up." I don't "dress up" too often, I prefer to be comfortable. I almost never wear an actual dress, I usually wear pants to work and to church...I'll just wear pants and a nice top. But a skirt does occasionally get thrown into the mix. The last time I was in a dress was at a district convention for the sorority I was in when I was in college, and at the end of the convention we had our banquet. I wore my little black dress. So I guess that would be the last time I was really dressed up.

13. Last CD you bought - I don't really do that much CD buying. When I was in college, my best friend was a mass comm. major and worked on the campus radio station--she would generally give me any tuneage desired or that she deemed that my library was lacking in. And why buy a whole CD for just a couple of songs that you like? I prefer to purchase one song at a time on my iTunes. So then, the most recent songs I purchased on iTunes were "By His Wounds" by Mac Powell and Mercy Me's "Homesick."

14. Last Book You Read - I just finished up both "Facing Your Giants" by Max Lucado and "Pilgrim Heart" by Darryl Tippens.

15. Last time You Cried - Hmmm...good question...I don't cry very often...and definitely try not to cry in front of other I think it's been awhile......oh yeah, it was at the church camp I counseled about a month ago, I believe. This summer would've been my cousin Jordan's first year to attend the week of this camp that I counsel the thought that "She was supposed to be here" was tucked away in the back of my mind. But one night in particular, one of her friends from her church was thinking about her and got really upset. Then Jordan's sister (my cousin, Cori) and another of my cousins (Summer) --who were both there as campers--saw that, and they were understandably upset. I held myself together as best as possible, trying to be the comforting, reassuring Cousin/Counselor, but once they were calmed down and off to that evening's activities, I retired to the cabin by myself for a few minutes. Just needed a minute or two let some of those same feelings out myself.

16. Last Movie You Saw - Underdog! My dad and I took my 3-year-old nephew to see it yesterday afternoon.

17. Last Time You told someone you loved them - This afternoon...I went down to visit my parents this weekend, and told them I loved them right before I left to come back up here.

18. Last really Funny Thing you Did - Hmmm......not so much what I did as it was what I said. As previously stated, I was down to visit my parents this weekend. Since they live in Texarkana, last night my dad and I hopped over to the TX side of town to purchase a couple of lotto tickets (sorry, we didn't win...but just to see how many people, if any, actually read this...leave a comment on this post...whoever leaves me a comment on this post is guaranteed at least $10,000.00 when and if I ever do win!) Anyway, the funny thing I said was when I was playin a scratch-off. Mine was a type of "Yahtzee" scratch-off where I had several "rolls" of dice to scratch off and if I had any certain combinations, I could win various prize amounts. Well, my dad had finished his and kept asking me "Did you win anything? What did you win?" I said, "I dunno yet, I'm still scratching my rolls!" That didn't come out right, did it???

19. Last Halloween Costume - Ummm...I think it was a princess costume with a long purple cape and a little silver tiara. I thought it was very appropriate. (Why are you laughing???)

20. Last Concert Attended - Riverfest 2007...multiple concerts...Smash Mouth, Pat Benatar, George Clinton, Ruben Studdard...good times, good food, good sights, good smells, and good music. I love Riverfest!

Now...who am I gonna tag? I would love to hear Keith Brenton's answers to these. (He probably won't do this for me...I'm almost certain he will in some way repsectfully decline. But here's hoping!)


preacherman said...

I would have to say you are it. Wow you are very interesting to say the least. :-)! I am glad to have gotten to know more about you. Very interesting. I hope that you have a great week in the Lord Jesus Christ.

mmlace said...

"Very interesting, to say the least," huh? Thanks...I think!

Keith Brenton said...

Oh, all right.

First Memory: Riding on a ferry boat in New York Harbor while clutching a tiny yellow-and-red plastic toy ferry boat and realizing that it was a smaller version of what I was riding. My mom recently realized that I had to have been two years old when that happened.

First Real Kiss: Nancy Long. Gorgeous. Wizard bright. Slender as a willow. Way too sweet for me. Senior year, high school. Real kiss, but just a peck.

First Concert: Hues Corporation, Harding, 1974. There's a reason you can't remember them. ("Don't Rock the Boat, Baby ....")

First Love: Model railroading. Sorry, I've never really outgrown it.

First Crush: Linda Clayton. We were four. She insinuated me off of a tree stump, pushing me back-to-back so she could have a seat. Then I pushed her off the same way. Then we shared it half-and-half. It was all documented on 8mm film until a basement flood dissolved it.

First Thing You Think In the Morning - "Egad, did I really just dream that?"

First Book You Remember Loving - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea by Theodore Sturgeon. I was about nine. I thought the movie was great and the book was so much better. It was not one of his greatest works, but to a nine-year-old, it was grown-up reading. (Actually, the book's burning Van Allen belt has some frightening parallels to global warming today ...)

First Pet - A couple of gerbils. One of them killed the other. The descriptor tag at the pet store said, "Sociable. Prefer to be in pairs." So much for that.

First Question You'll Ask in Heaven - (I suspect I will be speechless. Even at the moment, the question dumbfounds me as I try to imagine what the New Jerusalem will be like.)

First Thing You Think When You Hear the Word Vacation - "Wish I could go. Now."

First Best Friend - Rick Stahlhut. Seventh grade, for me. Born exactly a year apart, I am the slightly older. It gets more "slightly" each year.

Last Time You Dressed Up - For Father-Daughter Valentine's Banquet at church. I always wear my $5 tie with the hearts on it that Laura picked out for me at the grocery store.

Last CD You Bought - Three of the ZOE Group albums missing from my collection.

Last Book You Read - "Leaving Church" by Barbara Taylor Brown.

Last Time You Cried - I very nearly lost it a couple of weeks ago while speaking to my church family about Jesus watching the rich young man walk away from Him, sadly. (Before that, was probably when I got my last electric bill.)

Last Movie You Saw - Evan Almighty. Clever plotline. Terrific special effects. Outstanding performances. Whole lot of fun.

Last Time You Told Someone You Loved Them - This morning, when I dropped Angi off for outpatient surgery at St. Vincent. (I didn't have to, later, when she awakened from a doze afterward and saw me grinning down at her like a lovestruck doofus. Sometimes, a simple kiss suffices.)

Last Really Funny Thing You Did - Bonked myself in the head with the whiteboard while trying to lift it and its tripod off the pews after teaching my class in "Romans" tonight.

Last Halloween Costume - Probably the Russian astronaut's jumpsuit from the movie 2010, three or four years ago when Matthew was still suiting up for fright night - and had a Space Shuttle astronaut costume. Or maybe mine was the American astronaut's jumpsuit from the same movie. I think I still have them both.

Last Concert Attended: Winter Jam 2007: New Song, Jeremy Camp, Tony Nolan, Britt Nicole, Sanctus Real and Steven Curtis Chapman. Plus Hawk Nelson for Matthew's enjoyment. Awesome. Just awesome.

Thanks, Lacey.

mmlace said...

No, thank you, Keith. Wait, you probably intended that to be laced with as much sarcasm as I can possibly imagine, right??? That’s okay, I’ll thank you anyway, and say that I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve seen you respectfully decline to participate in tags on more than one occasion, so the fact that you completed mine is an honor. Keith Brenton has responded…I can die happy now. ;)

Hues Corporation? Yeah, I was not alive in 1974.

You actually remember your dreams??? But then again, you do have some strange and powerful dreams!

Your “sociable” gerbils? You’re making that up… that’s just too funny!

Last time you dressed up—precious.

Last time you cried—interesting. I didn’t notice.

Thanks for the opportunity to get to know a lil more about you, Keith. Much love!