Sunday, July 29, 2007

Can You Hear Me Now???

Or, better yet, can you hear Him?

Back in May of 2006, Keith Brenton wrote a very interesting post entitled, "In Cognito Ergo Sum," which he started by posing some even more interesting questions. He says:

"By the way, how do you know that I exist?

You read my blog. Someone has to write it. Therefore it must be me. Right?

But how do you know it's me? How do you know it's the me that I have represented myself to be, here, with these very pixels? Have you ever met me? Have you ever sat at a table with me and eaten a burger with me? Even if you have, was it enough to get to know me well enough that you'd swear in court that the person you met is the same one who writes this blog?

How do you know I'm telling the truth?

Do you know someone who knows me better than you do? Can you really trust them? How well do they know me?"

He seems to have a point, as he poses questions that we could ask ourselves of almost any of our favorite bloggers. Of the approximately 20 or so blogs that I check on a daily basis, only two of them are people that I know (sort of). I used to work with Alan, we worked together for almost a I could say with certainty that I know him. But even Keith...I've only spoken to him in person a handful of times, all very brief moments. Funny how I can go and visit all of these people's pages and read all they have to say and feel like I know so much about them...but as Keith points out, we really don't know for sure, do we?

I just wonder sometimes about all of the people that I read. All I really know about them is that I can sometimes hear Him through their words. As I read their thoughts, from which I gain so much insight, I wonder who they are. What are their lives really like? What do they look like, those that haven't posted pictures? What do they sound like?

That's a big one for me. As I read someone's thoughts, I try to imagine them saying though they were actually talking to me. Unfortunately, I don't know most of them, so that task proves difficult. It's difficult to hear the voice of someone you've never met, and thus, properly interpret their thoughts all the time. What a blessing it is, though, to be able to know some people's be able to hear their voice in their hearts and thoughts that are posted. I was given such a blessing tonight.

Although I don't really know him, Keith is one whose voice I know, simply because we've met; he works at my church; and he's been in front of the congregation before in worship, etc. However, everytime I've heard him, he always sounds so pleasant! Yet being the creative writer that he is, his posts sometimes have less-than-pleasant tones. They may sound angry, sarcastic, excited, hopeful, sad, you name it. As many different emotions as there are...his writing can convey all of them. So sometimes it's confusing (or at least funny) to read something that doesn't match up to the always-pleasant voice that I hear in my head.

Yet this evening...all I can say is what an experience! In our preaching minister's absence, Keith was one of our speakers! It was the longest I can recall ever hearing him speak. What made it so interesting for me, though, is that he kinda preached one of his blog posts! How awesome it was to be able to hear the words (inspiring enough on their own...I know, I'd read them before) from the author himself. It was just cool to be able to really hear his post like that...the way it was intended to sound.

All of this leading up to some questions of my own...I guess I just wanna ask, how do you all picture me and hear me? Can you hear me in my posts? What do I sound like to you? What emotions am I conveying to you? Most importantly, do I sound the way you think He would have me to? As my subtitle says, I hope, more than anything, that my meditations are pleasing to Him. I hope I sound the way He would have me to. I hope that at least some of what I have to say here comes from Him. And when that happens, I hope you all can really hear the words from the Author Himself...the way He intends for them to sound...because when that happens, what an experience it is!

"He calls His own sheep by name and leads them out. When He has brought out all His own, He goes on ahead of them, and His sheep follow Him because they know His voice."--John 10:3-4

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