Sunday, June 10, 2007

Random Thought...

I realize that such things as fashion go in cycles. Unfortunately, I believe I've been seeing alot of stuff from the 80's cycle back "into fashion." Don't get me wrong, the 80's was a good decade, over all. Good music, IMHO. Not to mention it's the decade in which yours truly was born. However, the clothing and hair need to stay in the 80's.

Except for one thing...

Surely y'all remember the Hypercolor shirts, right??? Those were just too cool!

Sorry, I'm thinking of that now as I drink out of a cup from Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater, OK, a "hypercolor" cup, if you will. That's right, I've got a cup with some iced tea in it. The cup itself is a light greenish-yellow. But when filled with an icy-cold beverage, it turns dark greenish-blue!!! And when I pick it up to take a sip, the place where my hand was, providing heat, turns back yellow!!!

So yes, although all hairdos and most fashion deserve to stay in the 80's, I am reminded of how much fun the Hypercolor shirts were--bring back the Hypercolor!!!

It's offical...I am so easily amused!!!

Dark green......yellow......dark green......yellow......dark green.....

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